Stress Self-Assessment and Analysis





1. Lacking sleep due to overthinking or nervousness?

2. Feeling irritated or disturbed?

3. Cannot function due to being stressed out?

4. Feeling antsy/fidgeting?

5. Anti-social?

6. Experiencing headache on one side or both temples?

7. Feeling unhappy and sad?

8. Feeling depressed?

9. Feeling worthless?

10. Constantly feeling anxious?

11. Feeling distracted or cannot concentrate?

12. Feeling exhausted and weak?

13. Feeling tired and unmotivated?

14. Experiencing heart palpitations?

15. Experiencing shaky voice, tremors in mouth or hands when feeling anxious?

16. Feeling afraid of making mistakes?

17. Feeling sore or tense in the neck, back, or shoulders muscles?

18. Easily overwhelmed when experiencing unfamiliar environments?

19. Experiencing drowsiness or dizziness?

20. Experiencing reduced sexual pleasure

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